Unique, Custom, Kitchen Design
Everyone’s vision of their ideal kitchen is personal. We take the kitchen design you imagine – traditional, modern, eclectic – and produce a living breathing kitchen space which becomes the heart of your home. Our design process is comprehensive, beginning with a conceptual style consultation, which develops into floor plans and 3D renderings. We understand each project and each client is unique. Each client receives close personal service with a design plan 100% tailored to their unique needs, personal sense of style and aesthetics, location, and budget.

With any design project it is important to understand how the space will be used and who will be using the space. Everyone has their own kitchen habits, how and when they cook, how and when they clean. A kitchen which works perfect for you makes life easy and using the kitchen is a pleasure. A kitchen which doesn’t work for you is frustrating and can make cooking or cleaning a chore. Using Unik Interior Designs for your kitchen design project means you’ll receive a new kitchen space with each counter, fixture, and amenity carefully chosen to look great, feel natural, and simply work for your lifestyle.

Redesigning the kitchen in your home can have a vast number of options for colors, materials, surfaces, textures, fixtures, appliances, and amenities. It is common for people to be intimidated by the process or to be lost trying to decide on a direction. We guide you through this process and discuss genres and styles of design, the key characteristics of popular styles, and how each technique may work with the layout of your home. Throughout the design project you dictate each aesthetic choice so that the end result is a proper reflection of your personality and style. The end result is a lovely kitchen space with all of the visual luster you’ve wanted in a functionally and practically sound design. We are certified as kitchen designers through the National Kitchen and Bath association so you are in good hands.

Let’s Discuss Your Design Project
We love designing kitchens, let’s talk about your project. Contact us to discuss what you’re planning and setup a consultation to see if we can help bring your ideas to life.

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