Design Process
Steps listed below are typical of a full renovation of an entire room or multiple room projects.

Step 1 – Initial Consultation

  • Establish scope of project and budget
  • Establish functional and aesthetic criteria with client
  • Measurements of existing floor plan
  • Inventory of existing furniture

Step 2 –┬áDesign

  • Define concept design with inspirational photos
  • Develop preliminary plans
  • Conceptual design presentation

Step 3 –┬áDesign Development

  • Further develop budget
  • Revise plans to reflect any changes in furniture
  • Research product selections
  • Shopping assistance with client
  • Create final design with style board
  • Final design presentation

Step 4 – Purchasing

  • Create spreadsheet with selected items and pricing
  • Orders will be placed at stores and delivery times arranged
  • Facilitation any orders online not purchased at stores

Step 5 – Installation Phase

  • Client will accept all furniture and material deliveries unless otherwise specified
  • Inspection of all materials will be arranged to ensure quality and check for damage during delivery
  • Oversee the arrangement of furniture according to plan
  • Oversee the placement of art and accessories
  • Observe progress at the job site and report to the client