Unik Interior Designs is your design resource for any interior design project. 
Bringing in an expert to help you on your interior design project does more than just give you a second set of eyes on your space. Naturally, we will develop an understanding of your personal aesthetics, sense of style, and what you want the space to do for you. The core of our design philosophy is that a space in your home needs to be to be functional and beautiful. This means that the room’s design makes sense for you, accommodating your family, your personal routine, your habits, and any special requirements. We love exploring the nuances of design, the defining characteristics of various design themes, and combining elements to create genuinely unique interior designs. That said, a beautiful space is much more inspiring and satisfying when it works for your lifestyle. When you use Unik Interior Designs on your project, you’re receiving an expertly designed space which is visually inspiring and functionally sound.

Defining Your Design
Exploring the world of design is exciting. A rich history of design ideas exist from which you may draw inspiration. This can create a sensory overload of options, but it also provides a vast library of visual cues, accents, and textures which can be migrated into your own design, or just provide a jumping off point for you to take your own space in a completely new direction. As your design consultant, we guide you in this process, and can either lead the way by introducing design elements and themes, or can help you perfect a design you’ve already conceived or identified. Each client and each space is unique, therefore each project requires  to work in a different capacity to help create the perfect space. There’s an increasing trend and demand towards mixing design ideas and established motifs to create very organic spaces. Many clients don’t want to feel limited to existing designs, but because it can be difficult to articulate what we see using verbal descriptions alone, it is helpful to reference specific interior design styles.

Inspired Interior Designs
There is an array of common reference design styles such as Traditional, Transitional, Modern, Rustic, Country, and literally hundreds of other style approaches. Each design is generally defined by its balance of color, choice of flooring, furniture selection, fabrics, materials, detail, lighting, windows, accents, and embellishments. Diving into the details can help to mark a frame of reference, and is a great way to brainstorm and establish a jumping off point. One of the most fun and rewarding aspects of being an interior designer is how often the finished product is worlds apart from the design or space which loosely inspired it. We curate the collection of ideas that arise during the life of the project, developing a design dossier that informs each final design decision. Throughout the process focus is given to spatial awareness, room balance, and abstract but important concepts like visual fatigue and other factors. The purpose for each task of the design project is to create a visually inspiring and functional space that you’ll enjoy for years.

Start Your Interior Design Project Now
Los Angeles and the surrounding areas all have assorted neighborhoods with interesting architecture and beautiful homes all deserving of an amazing interior design update. Our comprehensive interior design services include a floor plan and drawings completely custom to your home. We follow through with product selection and procurement then even assist you with the critical installation phase of a project. Essentially, we walk you through every step of the process.  See information about my Design Process.